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Truck Fleet Maintenance: Avoid Problems Before they Occur

Posted by Melissa Jung on May 30, 2012 4:49:00 PM

When running a fleet of vehicles for your company, it is important to know when specific vehicles require maintenance and service, before a possible problem occurs. Whether you have a small handful of vehicles in your fleet or several dozen, it is easy to forget when particular vehicles need an oil change, tires rotated and service inspections. If one driver is in charge of a single vehicle, it makes things a bit easier as they can directly monitor the information and specs of the vehicle.  Often times in a company fleet, the vehicles are used by different employees; making it almost impossible to directly monitor when service is required. Without the necessary technology installed such as a truck fleet maintenance solution, this can lead to significant problems in the vehicles, ranging anywhere from engine overheating to damaged breaks and dangerously low tire treads.

All of these situations have the potential to costing large amounts of money in damages to the vehicle. In order to avoid these kinds of situations and always know when a service is upcoming for a particular vehicle, Advanced GPS tracking systems should be installed. Now, this isn't the same GPS which simply points out directions towards the nearest Movie Theater or restaurant, but actually monitors where the vehicle is in real-time, its current mileage and what necessary service it is approaching. This way, you can have your vehicles serviced in time to keep it running in tip-top shape. 

Key Features of Advanced GPS Tracking solutions for Truck Fleet Maintenance:

  • Route Optimized GPS
  • Real Time Fuel Consumption
  • Track Driver Performance
  • Data Monitoring

Route Optimization

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